Since their storied beginnings in 1962, The Rolling Stones have left a trail of of memorabilia which traces the steps along their remarkable fifty year journey.

Countless posters, programs, concert tickets, and other ephemera have been printed for concert tours, record releases and movie ventures. While some things may be lost forever, we're fortunate that there have always been devoted fans that held onto their cherised Stones souvenirs and those dedicated collectors whose persistance has led to the discovery of items never thought to exist.

Our goal at The Rolling Stones Museum is to compile and present the most comprehensive collection of Rolling Stones memorabilia on the planet. Considering the length and impact of their career, itís a surprise that a serious project like this has never been attempted before. Yes, the Stones career is still going strong 50 years later in 2012, but our focus is on the years 1962 to 1978. We'll leave the rest to the next generation of die-hard Stones fans.

So if you own an item that belongs in these pages, please contact us, as new pieces of the puzzle are always needed and greatly appreciated. Of course you will be credited for your contribution.

The collection is divided into several general categories and then presented chronologically. Yes, it's only rock n' roll....but we like it.
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Disclaimer: This website is by fans for fans. It has no official affiliation with The Rolling Stones. No infringement is intended.
Many of these items are in our private collection. Some images have been gathered over the years from various sources and added to the time line. Others belong to fellow collectors who have kindly shared them with us. Nothing is for sale.
Unlike collecting records, which have been well documented, collecting memorabilia is an open ended endeavor; there are no check lists of posters created, handbills printed, or promotional items produced. Even the most advanced collectors canít possibly know everything thatís out there. Unique and unexpected items are still being discovered to the delight and fascination of collectors everywhere.
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